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We offer contract cleaning to your specific requirements on an ‘out of hours’ basis to suit your organisation’s needs.

We can:

  • Clean office space including carpets, floors, bins, desks, windows, tea rooms, kitchens and washrooms
  • Locate and appoint suitable cleaning staff for your business. We even deal with holiday cover to offer a consistent quality of service
  • Provide one or more of the services detailed below on an occasional basis as needed or requested

Please note that our specialist cleaning technicians operate independently of our normal office cleaning staff and are fully-trained, reliable and trustworthy.

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To keep your carpets and cloth-based furniture in pristine condition they need regular, deep cleaning.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Use both hot water extraction and pure steam (either alone or in combination) with suitable cleaning chemicals
  • Advise you on a specific stain or contaminants and the probable success that can be expected when attempting removal
  • Where necessary we will undertake tests to demonstrate the level of success that can be expected leaving you to make a final informed decision.

Prior to any treatment our cleaners will move and protect your office furnishings and equipment as appropriate and will always put everything back as they found it once they have finished.

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We provide a comprehensive professional external window cleaning service working from the ground using the latest "reach and wash", water-fed pole systems.

This system allows windows and other high-level surfaces to be cleaned from the safety of the ground without compromise. We use both hot and cold pure water to provide a streak free finish to any surface.

Our window cleaning service can be called upon on an occasional basis or discounts can be provided for regular repeat cleaning throughout the year.

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Many buildings now include solar panels within their structure. To make the most of your investment, solar panels benefit from regular cleaning using the same techniques that we deploy in cleaning your office windows.

Using the latest in long reach technology, we can clean up to 60ft from the ground effectively and safely.

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Having your gutters regularly maintained can reduce the risk of leaks. If blocked gutters are left too long it can cause serious water damage to your property and encourage damp and mould.

We can:

  • Remove both moss and debris from your gutters from the safety of the ground
  • See the cause of a blocked gutter through a camera without the need to open it up, saving time and nasty residue

We can then inspect your gutters and provide you with a video report on both the clean itself and the condition of the gutters. This will show any remedial work that may need to be carried out.

We can quote for the repair of your gutters (and soffits if required). This would be detailed and quoted separately for completion at another time, as it may involve access equipment for working at high level.

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Many buildings now include atria or open spaces with high-level surfaces that gather dust or debris. This can make these hard-to-reach surfaces appear unattractive and unhygienic to the onlooker.

We can:

  • Use our cameras, mounted at the top of a carbon fibre pole, to see where the dust and debris is building
  • Offer a powerful vacuum-suction-cleaning service to remove dust and debris from difficult to reach high-level surfaces from the safety of the ground.
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Specific to hotels and care homes, we offer high-pressure steam cleaning in combination with a powerful vacuum to keep bed mattresses sanitised and free of contaminants including dust mites (and increasingly bed bugs) from the surface and folds of the mattress.

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External surfaces can become unsightly through ingressed grime and perhaps more importantly can become slippery through mould and slime.

Be it for cosmetic or safety purposes, we offer a comprehensive cleaning service for all external hard surface. This may include any type of hard drives such as brick pavia, slabs, concrete, gravel and tarmac (and decking if required).

Using a combination of high pressure jetting or steam we are able to safely clean your external surfaces, leaving them restored to their original colour and weed free.

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Weeds can be a problem on any external hard surface which is why they form part of any hard surface treatment we undertake. While they may be unattractive to look at, more importantly they can cause damage to the surface if not regularly removed.

We are:

  • Able to offer a range of different treatments for different surfaces which can both kill and protect against future weed growth for up to 12 months
  • Fully trained, licensed and qualified, our operatives all hold the City & Guilds NPTC certificates, which permits the recommendation and safe use of the strongest weed killers recommended for use in domestic situations.
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