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Inside your home


We clean windows both inside and out using the latest in pure water technology.

We will:

  • Clean your window panes to a high shine
  • Polish your windows to remove any watermarks
  • Leave your window sills clean and dry.
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With a rigorous clean in even the hardest-to-reach places, we guarantee to remove all traces of fat, grease and grime leaving your oven spotlessly clean .

We can:

  • Clean your oven without the use of caustic cleaning materials
  • We clean all types of domestic ovens including range cookers and AGAs as well as hobs and extractors
  • Extend the life of your oven with annual cleans
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There's not much we haven't dealt with in terms of spills across the years, and our extensive experience means we're able to remove most stains.

We will advise you on a specific stain or contaminants and the probable success that can be expected when attempting removal. Where necessary, we will happily undertake tests to demonstrate the level of success that can be expected leaving you to make a final informed decision.

We guarantee to:

  • be straight forward with quoting the level of cleanliness we'll be able to achieve before treatment
  • keep your carpets, rugs, solid floors, curtains and cloth-based furniture in pristine condition
  • move and protect all your furniture and belongings before treatment and put everything back as we found it afterwards
  • use extraction and pure steam treatments with suitably balanced cleaning products for superb results
  • only employ our fully-trained, reliable and trustworthy technicians.

Having cleaned we can offer a range of fabric protectants suitable for most surfaces and backed up by our guarantee.

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While the sheets and under-covers of our beds are washed, the underlying mattress is often ignored.

To keep bed mattresses sanitised and clean, consider an annual or more regular clean, particularly for those suffering from allergies.

We can:

  • improve your quality of sleep by removing allergens (such as dust mites and bed bugs) from your mattress
  • remove visible stains from your mattress, with or without chemicals
  • use high pressure steam, in combination with vacuuming, to remove any contaminants from the surface and folds of your mattress
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As an allergen sufferer, nothing affects your health and wellbeing more than the environment you live in.

Mattresses, carpets, upholstery and more can all be significant sources of allergens in the home. Indeed, many common cleaning chemicals may themselves cause an allergic reaction in those with an existing or underlying predisposition.

We can offer all the same cleaning services detailed above without the use of cleaning chemicals.

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